Travel the High Road with Us

You have high expectations for the brands you choose. Your cannabis selection certainly shouldn't be the exception to that rule. It wasn't for us.

High Road Edibles was founded in order to create products with consistent dosing that taste phenomenal. Suitable for any cannabis lifestyle, our confections are great whether you’re out adventuring or relaxing with your favorite book. We’ll see you on the High Road.

High Road Edibles Values

  • Chef-Driven

    In-house development & recipe testing

  • Eye-Catching Designs

    Consumer-focused packaging

  • Flavorful & Consistent

    Taste above … almost all else

Paving the Way for High Road Edibles

College roommates more than a decade ago, our co-founders paths had diverged: one toward cooking in award-winning kitchens and the other toward building brands from the ground up. In 2019, the two joined forces to form High Road Edibles—not in a garage. This is Montana after all, not Silicon Valley.

Ben Miller

Co-founder, Product Development and Sales

Mike Zens

Co-founder, Business Development and Marketing